Repair of transmission

The rotation of the motor to the wheels is happening thanks to the transmission.

This system includes transmission, couplings and other delicate elements, every one of them can stop working at any moment. Technical maintenance of the gears are difficult to repair, this can handle only expert specialists. In the process of long-term use, the system is exposed to considerable car loads that cannot do without consequences.

Diagnosis and repair of transmissions by using special equipment is needed in these situations:

In the following cases must occur to operational maintenance of transmissions.

If difficulties arise in the gear shift process.

When there is the vibration, scrape and other noises while driving.

When there are considerable wrenches at the beginning of the ride.

In the case of a oil leakage.


If there is at least one of the listed things, it is necessary to immediately contact service centers. We provide maintenance and repair of transmissions on a high level.

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