Painting cars in Prague

Painting cars begins with the examination of the car, and detection of defects that are need to be repaired. Then carries out repair and negotiate with the client about the price. Painting cars is a challenging process that consists of a number of stages: from the evaluation of repair, to polishing and applying the protective cover on the body.

Our car service Prague has the necessary equipment for painting the cars at the highest level and with experienced professionals and professionals in their field. At work we use the most modern technical equipment.

Stages of painting

  • Removing rust
  • Fixing the surface
  • If necessary, applying the pore fillers.
  • Coloring cars and resources for fast drying
  • Applying paint with a transparent texture
  • Repeated drying and breaking polishing.

If you need to paint the car for a short period, simply contact our service. At the beginning of the work our specialists do a big assessment of the state of the car. Coloring cars is provided to all the technical requirements of the mandatory retention of properties corresponding to the quality of the repair.

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