Auto Service in Prague – NonStop 24/7

For a comprehensive solution to several issues, you can confidently turn to specialists of our car service in Prague. Our „AutoServis Praha“ is insured to 2.000.000 Czech Crowns against unexpected defects of your car and its aggregates. You don’t have to be worry to leave your car with us, we’ll take good care of it!!! We guarantee that every issue will be thoroughly examined with optimal solution. „AutoServis Praha“ guarantees you a high quality of service. We provide periodic service and seasonal car services, diagnostics, on-board electronic systems repairs and electrical equipment, diagnostics of brake system and dampers, diagnostics of car defects. Repairs of petrol and diesel engines, repairs of chassis and brake system, replacement of car nodes and aggregates, replacing technical fluid in the automatic transmission and brake system, lubrication system engine, cooling systém, power steering and washing out of these systems. The adjustment of the convergence-diversion of the wheel, balancing and a variety of other services.

Original equipment.

To save your time, we’re doing work with maximum speed and quality. According to this principle our car service uses original parts, nodes, oils, and other liquid directly from the manufacturer. This helps us to long-term agreements with suppliers and manufacturers. When we’re doing repairs and replacement of parts of car, employees of our car service are using genuine accessories.

We know very well that quality of car repairs depends on the life and safety of the driver and passengers. To achieve the best job result, our managers still strive to improve facilities. They consult and liaise with representatives of companies-developers and distributors. This approach allows us to be up-to-date on the market, promptly renew the technical basis and to be the best among car services in Prague. All of the equipment in car service Prague has a corresponding documents, worksheets, and it guarantees its „clean“ origin. Car mechanics use only modern, high quality and certified facilities. In our garage there are only professionals with certificates and diplomas, they have huge experience. The main principle for the selection of the mechanics is their high level of professionalism and constant efforts to improve their skills. All employees have to complete attestation and courses to improve skills.

We have individual approach to each client.

After the diagnosis of your car an employee will provide to you all the answers to your questions and will offer several options for solving the problem. The first thing before we’ll let you know about the defects and the solution of the problem, a specialist-garage mechanic will do a careful examination. The factors which are taken into consideration are the regularity of the departures, the length of downtime and the specificity of the control car.

Reliable aktivity of means of transport depends on many factors. We pay great attention to individual approach to each client.

Assurance of executing activities. We provide a warranty for all kinds od activities. The exact dates and prices for repair will be determined by our specialists, depending on the nature of the defects.