Car washing in Prague

How often do you need to wash your car?

Most drivers often debate on the topic of how often you need to wash the car. First, the majority says that the car must only be cleaned if it is very dirty, the second majority says that is needed to attend the washer every day. If you think that washing the car is necessary only when the car is under a layer of dirt, you’re wrong. Surely such an approach is not financially advantageous, but this will not keep the original look of the covering layer of lacquer.

The need for frequent washing.

So why do you have to wash the car more often? The truth is, the car can never be clean, when the car is used in everyday life of the city. There is a big of dirty particles:

  • particles of asphalt cover
  • fractions of particles from exhaust gases
  • invisible resin and other dirt.

If your car is washed occasionally, particles of asphalt, resin and soot will collect on the color and fill up the pores. Yes, the car will look clean, but in the absence of care, dye quickly fades and loses its shine. You may noticed, that new car always shine, but a month or two with the shine disappears if you don’t take care of it.

Our manual washing with high pressure and active foam makes fast, efficient and extremely safe for the painting of the covering layer.

For the removal of stubborn soiling, it is advisable to remove the veneer. Resin and bitumen creep into the lacquered colors and collect to where the normal foam cannot be. The body covers the rough spots, it’s not dry completely, and it is always wet. Only deep cleaning dissolves resin and oil enables the return to gloss and smoothness.

Normal wash

  • hand washing in accordance with the whole technological process
  • Safe drying with a soft suede, including wiping the thresholds, blow up locks, and mirrors.

Washing “luxury”

  • Car washing
  • Careful cleaning of a whole car salon by wacom cleaner, including cleaning mats and ashtrays
  • Treatment of a salon plastic with a matte or glossy effect.
  • Cleaning glasses by means which have a great influence to the glass a make it shine.

“The extra premium” washing

  • washing “luxury”
  • Remove of the coating of the road.
  • Processing of cloth/leather seats:
  • Cleaning and care of the leather seats, allow you to maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent premature wear.
  • Effective cleaning and add the freshness of the seat of the car for a short period of time.
  • Processing disks – removes solid impurities from the oils, brake burned wick, which adds to the disks and representative maintained the face.
  • Cleaning trunk
  • Processing trade with the polishing wax
  • Blackening of the wheels

Professional chemical cleaning.

If you need high quality of chemical cleaning, you are welcome here!

Qualified specialists in a short time do cleaning of the salon with the use of modern equipment.

This includes a deep cleaning of the inner cover. For each type of material (leather, vinyl, plastic or rubber) we have a special cleaning resources.

Technology procedures and cleaning products we use on each case individually. In addition, we count with your budget and offer maximum affordability. Leave this matter to our specialists, you will save your time and you will get the best results.

Types of the chemical cleaning:


  • It lies in processing of specially crafted upholstery cleaner. Pollution is removed using special means.


  • More time complicate stage
  • Includes the processing of all the surfaces of the salon professional resources.
  • In case of heavy soiling, the cleaning is done by using of the special coatings stains.
  • The upholstery is spotted cleansing foam, which is removed with a vacuum cleaner. Professional cleaning is done by special equipment with regard to the type, nature and intensity of soil. Cleaning processes with special attachments is applied and its depending on the type. The final phase-processing of special polish salon and cleaning the plastic parts of the carpet.

Ozone cleaning.

Includes special disinfection work and odor removal. Ozone cleaning is often ordered if necessary, anti-allergy treatment. Prevents the formation of mushrooms and fungi. It is recommended with the combination with chemical cleaning, when you are buying a used car.

You can also order a waterproof salon.

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