Repair suspension of the chassis car

The suspension of the car is intended for softening and cushioning fluctuations, the vehicle suffers if there are bumps on the way. Front and rear suspension should ensure the smooth running of the car, to minimize the inclination of the car, be informative for the driver, as in the fast way as in town. The suspension has the largest cushioning when a car is running, that’s why we have to often control the car. Some people mistakenly believe that ride with defects in the chassis affects only the feeling of comfort, but this is a dangerous mistake, however: it is one of the main components of the car, the suspension is the key element for safe driving. The jammed wheel in high speed can bring a very unpleasant consequences.

The diagnostics should be carried out on a regular basis and in case of damage is needed immediately repair. A car with a faulty landing gear behaves very erratically, therefore, this condition must be checked very often. As a rule, suspension diagnostics is performed every 10 thousand mileage km.


The first appearance of the symptoms of disorders of the suspension components, you should immediately contact the car service Prague, where we have a computer system diagnostics. The car with a broken suspension could bring tragic consequences.


The defects of suspension include the following symptoms:

Unnecessary swing of the vehicle car when you are driving on inequality road.

The emergence of foreign defects and noise in the suspension when you are driving on inequality road.

Strong silting of the front and back wheels when its moving

A large extension of the braking distance.


If you find these or other signs of defects, contact our car service in Prague. Our experts will professionally and quickly solve your problem.

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