Engine repairs – passenger cars

When we repair your car engine, we make computer diagnostics free of charge. During its implementation they analyse the error codes and current indicators of all mechanisms and sensors. Warranty on the repair of the engine in our servise is half a year, or 10,000 mileage km. There are two cases we recommend to check the engine.

The first, when you are buying a used car the diagnosis of the engine is necessary. As a future owner who purchased technology, you need to be 100% sure that the status of the powertrain is located in the range of standards. We provide an objective opinion and the results of the tests.

Second, if you suspect a defect, it is necessary to diagnose a car.

When there are damages in the engine diagnose and repair is necessary.

If you become aware of the defect, so you have to make a repair as quickly as possible:

  • On car’s computer begins to shine the CHECK ENGINE error
  • When the engine starts bad.
  • Vibration at idling speed.
  • The tractive force
  • The engine become noisy
  • The engine is deaf or different.
  • The engine is turned off or does not start.

Repairs of the engine, is difficult or easy, always requires time and money. You will save your time and reduce costs with us.Engine diagnostics with professional equipment and the specialists repair, will extend the life of the motor to minimum cost. Moreover, we’re doing an inspection of the entire system together with the diagnostics motorcycles-finding hidden defects and equipment, it affects safe driving.

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