Change Engine Oil

For the gasoline engine, which only works on a synthetic motor oil and that is recommended to change approximately 10-12 thousand mileage kilometers. If you use the lubricating materiál of semi-synthetic oil, it reduces the exchange of 8-10 thousand mileage km. For mineral motor oil is the exchange smaller, approximately 4000-5000 mileage km.

We recommend and work with the oil company SHELL.


For owners of diesel engines it’s necessary to remember that diesel pollutes the oil a bit faster than gasoline engines or engines working on gas. Our experts recommend to owners of the diesel engines to change an oil about two thousand km sooner than owners of the diesel engines. So exchange depends on the age of the car and its all state. We can see the old cars have faster damages of the essential elements.


Changing the engine oil i a pretty easy proces, on the other hand, very dirty proces. The procedure itself is not cheap. The oil is in the price, we do not recommend saving money on the oil exchange. Moreover, there could be a lot of troubles with capitalize the old oil.

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