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Repair of the braking system of a car

Repair of the braking system of a car.

It is necessary to call to specialists to do a full diagnostic and maintenance of the car, when there is the incorrect work of the braking system and the presence of defects on the brake system - repair of the brake system.


Possible defects of the braking system:

squeaking and knocking

fouling while braking

Incorrect functioning of brake pedal

the lack of brake fluid

If the indicator of the braking system shining.


The guarantee of high-quality maintenance depends on the diagnosis. Thanks to the accurate determination of the nature and cause of the defect, we can perform qualified repairs. In our service experienced and qualified specialists do a diagnosis of all possible defects in the braking system and possible causes of their creation. Thanks to the special equipment, control the balance and accuracy of source racing tools.


Specialists of our service are experienced and qualified specialists who will assess the situation objectively, and always help to drivers, not just to find out the nature of the defects and fix them, but also to explain the cause of their existing.